Integra Romania Association is a Romanian non-profit organization founded in June 2000 in Oradea, that promotes, sustains and coordinates economic, educational, psychological, social, cultural, ecological, and humanitarian activities in order to contribute, in the christian spirit, to the development of a democratic society.

We are members of Integra Network, a network of organizations with a common mission and vision, engaged in socio-economic development. Integra Network is actively involved in Slovakia, Bulgaria, Russia, Canada and the US, the latter ones providing assistance to the former ones. As members, we endorse the economic development of our society, its democratic principles, and the economic market in Romania and Eastern Europe.

Promoting an attitude characterized by Integrity and Performance, our desire is to Invest in those who actively contribute to community development, to have a positive Influence on the people who wish to overcome their shortcomings and succeed, and – as a result – to experience a long-lasting Impact on the society as a whole.

We believe each individual is gifted and has the potential to change and make a difference around him or her, and ultimately in the society they inhabit. One of our core beliefs is that people who establish their businesses on ethical and Christian principles can become ”islands of integrity” in their community, participating in its transformation.

Our desire is to have such a contribution in the lives of each individual we work with that they, in turn, would influence others, and their example will be conducive to growth in our community and in our country.

The striking changes our country is going through, it is our desire to encourage and support the efforts of those who wish to learn more and better adapt to these changes. We believe each individual deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of his or her social or economic status. This is reflected in our motto: „Our goal is your success!”