Romania does not have a history of market economy. In many ways, we are witnessing the birth of the first generation of business people, who started their business by seizing a special opportunity, were forced by outside events or wished to invest their money into a lucrative business. Few of them had formal training in the field. Some of them completed degrees while attending to the business, others learned from their experience or from the experience of those around them. Yet others participated in various trainings or seminars available to them.

Most business people acknowledge the need for formal training, for sharing their experience and learning from what others in the business have to say, and they appreciate the opportunity to spend time with a mentor or a coach who can assist them in matters pertaining to both the professional and the personal realms. Many times, simply meeting with a mentor or a coach who is willing to listen and advise helps the person find solutions.

Integra is also involved in creating opportunities for its clients or prospective clients to meet and consult with other businessmen either from Romania or from abroad.

Part of this program is also a course called „Financial ABC”, offered regularly especially to young couples before getting married, but not only to them. The course teach the beneficiaries how to make a family budget and presents financial concepts like income, expenses, elements of credit, saving, financial planning, investment, etc. The knowledge aquired help the beneficiaries avoid the mistakes done because of lack of information and become wiser in administrating their financial resources.

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