Financial Education to Fight Adult Exclusion (FEFAE)

I. Partners

  1. European Microfinance Network from Paris, France – coordinator –
  2. Network Credit from Norway –
  3. Reseau Financement Alternatif from Belgium –
  4. Banco Mundial de la Mujer from Spain –
  5. Association Integra Romania from Oradea, Romania –
  6. Fair Finance from Great Britain –

II. The goal of the project

The constitution of the FEFAE Partnership aims to bring together professionals working in relation with vulnerable people, mainly adults at risk of financial and social exclusion, to allow them access to financial literacy that will enable them to better face the risk of exclusion through better management of their family budget and / or budget of their business. This will be achieved through the exchange of best practices and financial education tools.

III. Objectives

  • Mutually improve adult learning methods, tools and delivery approaches that reach a large numbers of vulnerable adults;
  • Mutually support the effort of mobilizing stakeholder support across sectors (including social policy instruments) for financial education activities;
  • Further develop a web-based resource centre for financial education providers and practitioners;
  • Uphold long-term collaboration between organizations committed to increasing financial literacy levels of vulnerable adults;
  • Develop partnerships to target specific groups at risk of exclusion.

IV. Activities

The FEFAE Group partners will participate in activities that aim to increase the knowledge and skills of financial education practitioners to provide quality, ethical and professional financial education by:

  • Participating in FEFAE Group Partnership meetings in different partner offices to exchange ideas, practices and reflections, and to gain insight into the different conditions across EU;
  • Organizing exchange field visits to observe teaching practices and delivery methods;
  • Mutual cooperation on expanding the existing web-based platform on financial education for vulnerable adults.

V. Duration of the project

Is 2 years, from August 2010 – July 2012.

VI. Finance provider:


Agentia Nationala pentru Programe Comunitare in Domeniul Educatiei si Formarii Profesionale (ANPCDEFP) through Grundtvig Program.