In order to grow, businesses are constantly in need of investments. Nonetheless, investments are sometimes hindered by various factors – lack of collateral, high risk because the business has just started, bad timing, or too high of an interest to facilitate the investment.

In cases as such, Integra seizes the opportunity to assist, if and when the budget allows it. Investment is made following a set of eligibility criteria. Integra reserves the right to choose the business which fits best with these criteria and its purposes.

Integra also assists these entrepreneurs by facilitating connections with foreign investors who wish to invest in Romania. We look especially to those who wish to make their businesses „islands of integrity,” who wish to apply Christian moral principles and have a vision for community involvement.

Integra’s involvement is not limited to the financial aspect. The clients are trained and offered assistance as they write down the business plan, financial projections, cash-flow projections and other various documentation needed for closing the deal, as well as consulting in writing projects to attract European funds. To this date, these types of investments between Integra and foreign investors start at 20.000 Euro and go up to 200.000 Euro for one business.