Roundtable. Mobility Project in Norway

This meeting is organized by the Integra Romania Association in the process of implementation of the approved project funding line Bilateral Fund Round 2 measure. Development partnership Establishing Partnerships – Romanian Norwegian in Promoting and Applying the Principles of Corporate Social Responsibility Among NGOs in Romania PRO CSR .

The meeting was aimed to share experiences and lessons learned during the journey to Norway between 13 and 18 May 2014. Equally, we want to discuss the possibility of addressing potential local partnerships to implement relevant and well structured projects for Bihor NGOs, funding line that we expect to be released soon under the NGO Fund.

Our project is developed with mobility organization The Royal Norwegian Society for Development – NORGES VEL in Norway.

At this meeting participated 17 representatives of civil society of Bihor County.

After this roundtable Integra Romania Association initiated the identification, reservation and purchase of the domain as a future platform for the organizations in the region and a bridge visibility for collaboration and support community development.

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